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Legend Of Dragons
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Dragons are mythical creatures typically described as a gigantic and powerful reptiles with magical powers. Dragons occur in many legends around the world, different cultures have different stories about dragon-like creatures.

When most people say "dragon" they most likely think of the Western dragon. Western dragons are usually portrayed as evil, mean, and bloodthirsty. They were also known to have huge hoards of gold and jewels hidden in their lair. They usually are portrayed as breathing fire. They can be any color, or many colors, depending on the breed of the dragon.

In Eastern Asia, especially in China, dragons are known as Lung. There are four main kinds of Lung: Tien-lung - The Celestial Dragon - protects the places of the Gods, Shen-Lung - The Spiritual Dragon - controls the wind and the rain, Ti-Lung - The Earth Dragon which control rivers, and water on the Earth, and Fut's-Lung - The Underworld Dragon which guards precious metals and gems.  Eastern dragons are portrayed as good, kind, and intelligent. Also they have the most recorded history in the world, especially in China going back thousands of years.

Besides Western and Eastern Dragons, often mentioned dragon-like creatures are Hydras. These are dragons which have multiple necks and heads. In Greek mythology Hercules fought a Hydra with 8 heads. Every time he managed to slash one head off with sword, two would come in its place. He finally figured out by burning the stump with a torch, it could not grow another head. Thats how he killed the Hydra.


Legend Of Dragons 

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